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With the demand & awareness level of OSH to develop a more productive, safer and healthier workplace. We are committed and follow-through efforts in supporting the OSH industry. As we had penetrated in the whole OSH industry from trading of PPE Equipment’s Training providers, OSH Safety Signs solutions, Providing Working @ Height Fall Prevention & Protection solutions & etc, we had capability to capture the current market needs and future prospects. All the while, we are only putted our effort on marketing and sales, however to growth in the future, we had changed our philosophy to concentrated the whole business process include Sourcing & Branding, Marketing, Procurement, Manufacturing, Accounts & Resources planning. This will lead us to achieve our target effectively. We are currently closely focus on all OSH related projects and planned the expansion to cope the increasing need and requirement. We are work toward another successful achievement.
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Our shared mission is to provide a working environment free from harm by promoting a positive culture and continuously improving the health, safety, and wellbeing of our workforce. Our commitment to our employees and stakeholders is demonstrated by our leadership team’s management of Health, Safety, Security, and the Environment and our continual drive towards zero incidents. This can be seen in our global vision statement. It has to be Hydratight. We are focused on creating a safe working environment where our workforce is empowered to Step Up, take action, and be responsible for their health and safety and that of others affected by their acts or omissions.


Safetylab Sdn Bhd is a resource of highly-trained safety professionals who serve the Safetylab communities in different industries. We are dedicated to reducing injuries, accidents, and environmental impact and ensuring compliance. We achieve this by providing high-quality training, comprehensive workplace evaluation, emergency response, hazardous materials management from acquisition to disposal, and by managing regulatory information. In addition to Management Systems Certifications for ISO 9001 / ISO 13485 / GDPMD / CIDB, the third-party auditor also performs specialized audits for location-specific Health and Safety issues (e.g., Ergonomics, Industrial Hygiene, Machine Guarding, Working At Height, NFPA 70E, Live Electrical, Confined Space, etc.