Alpha Inflatable Jacket / 150N

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Compliances: CE ISO 12402-3 approval. CE ISO 12401 approval on all integral black harnesses.

  • The Alpha gas inflation lifejacket has been designed to offer affordable safety for all.
  • The Alpha lifejacket offers a more rationalised design for the coastal and inshore yachtsmen.

Alpha Lifejackets feature the following characteristics:

  • Twin welded air bladder seam for double security
    Screen reader support enabled.
  • Ultra reliable firing mechanism
  • Compatible with all major suppliers CO2 bottles (Thread 1/2”)
  • Auto heads designed not to fire in heavy weather
    Screen reader support enabled.
  • Easy re-packing
  • 170 Newtons of buoyancy when fully inflated
    Screen reader support enabled.
  • Maintain the correct flotation position in the water (face-up)